10 Ways to Use Snowmen as a Therapy Tool

It's 2021!! We made it through 2020 and now we’re on the other side! My new year’s challenge for January is to find all the ways to use snowmen as a therapy tool. Here's my list so far:

  1. Segmenting words
  2. Blending words
  3. Labeling body parts
  4. Counting
  5. Following directions 
  6. Labeling clothing items
  7. Requesting (help, drawing a specific part, the art supplies, etc.)
  8. Describing a scene
  9. Retelling a short story
  10. Teaching a leisure activity

(And more)

Comment below another way to use snowmen in therapy!

Happy New Year!


Please note this is not an endorsement for the makers of any paid products and we were not sponsored or otherwise incentivized to include those products. They are simply materials I enjoy using and am looking forward to using the rest of the month!