iLearn Presentation at Day 2 of CSUN

Day 2 of CSUN was jam-packed full of interesting and exciting sessions --including our own! The iLearn team is proud to report that we were able to present on how we use the iPad for children with autism at LCA, and hopefully were able to share some new ideas and inspire others to do the same!

For us, being able to present at a conference of this magnitude has been an awesome experience, especially since even being an attendee has been a pretty amazing opportunity. We used our lunch time to setup the room, make sure all the technology worked in our favor: including laptops, mics, projectors, speakers, etc (shout out to Manny for randomly happening to have a Micro DVI adapter in his pocket that we were able to borrow!) and figure out who was going to stand where and talk about what. We thought that would settle the nerves... and maybe it did for a little bit...but we were still feeling pretty anxious about whether we would do well to represent LCA and if our work would be well received. Good thing we had one more session to attend before showtime! Anyway, after a full morning and early afternoon of watching other great presenters, and feeling fueled with an eagerness to learn and share, we presented at 3:10 pm in room MollyAB to a full crowd of educators, therapists, parents, and AT specialists. We shared about who we are and what we do at ICAN Center for Autism; we laughed and shared about our kids; and we hoped that the attendees at our session felt that they were able to take away valuable, applicable information.

We emphasized that the iPad, for us, has been a great tool to be used at home, in the classroom, and during therapy to facilitate communication, participation, and learning!

Vina, Mari, and Michelle