Reading List for Teletherapy

As always, a new month (and year) means I go looking for new stimuli for expressive and receptive language, sources of specific vocabulary, and all-around useful tools for therapy. Books provide so many opportunities for learners of all skill levels, whether they are working on identifying familiar concepts or retelling whole stories. Here are a few of the books I’m looking forward to this month!

If Picasso Painted a Snowman 

By Amy Newbold & Greg Newbold

Highlights: Great for learners who are interested in art at any level! 


By Anne Herriges

Highlight: A great non-fiction book all about snow! 

A Warm Winter Tail

By Carrie A. Pearson, Illustrated by Cristina Wald

Highlight: This is also a rhyming book! So even if the specific concepts may not be accessible to your learner, this will also be great for learners who are working on their phonological awareness!

I hope your friends enjoy reading these as much as I did!


Please note this is not an endorsement for the makers of any paid products and we were not sponsored or otherwise incentivized to include those products. They are simply materials I enjoy using and am looking forward to using the rest of the month!