Why I Became An SLP

When I was 8 years old, my mom worked as a caregiver for two boys, brothers, who both were diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Since my mom had grown to develop a strong relationship with these boys' mother, I was allowed to go with her to play with these boys on (special) occasion. One time, I was at their house when their SLP came over for a home visit. I remember that both of these boys seemed to enjoy her company beyond compare, and before her departure, the younger sibling uttered the first word I'd ever heard him speak - "apple." I asked her what her job was, and she replied, "I'm a speech-language pathologist," after which I vividly remember thinking to myself in the immediate moments afterward, "That's what I want to do."

When I reflect on how this event has helped shape my life, I cannot help but acknowledge that the same observations that inspired me as a child still inspire me today. I'm grateful for the company I am able to keep with colleagues, parents, caregivers, and most importantly, my clients--especially when I am able to help foster the scientific, artistic, emotional, dare I say, magical power of communication.