6 Years!

Dear Families, Colleagues and Friends,

Welcome to the 6th Anniversary celebration of ICAN Center for Autism

I write this statement with honor and gratitude. It is truly an honor that we have the opportunity to provide care and develop relationships with the children and families that attend our clinic.

I was in my office yesterday and had the opportunity to talk with two of the kids that have been here since the early days of ICAN. First, it was astounding to see how big they have grown and second it was amazing to see the progress they have made.

Being able to walk around the clinic and see the kids that have been a part of our history and see kids that are a part of our future is a testament to the team that has supported great accomplishments. The team can be comprised of the parents/caregivers, the support system of those parents/caregivers, the providers and the administrative team that all must work together to open the doors for the kids. There is a great deal of compassion, sacrifice, commitment, setbacks, and successes along each child's journey. I am always awe struck by the level of passion, compassion and commitment to help our little warriors progress through their treatment.

Lakeside started as a single provider that has always believed in providing high quality care as a part of a multidisciplinary team. Today we have a team of 29 providers committed to working as a part of the team delivering effective services. As we look ahead to 2015 we are focused on continuing our efforts to provide hope and a future by working to improve the quality of care you receive and developing new and improved programs and services to meet your needs.

I leave you with my profound gratitude for your support of ICAN. We are here because you have the trust in us to be a part of your team. We are here with you; we are here for you to support and guide along the journey to the best possible future.

Warmest Regards,

Dan Stachelski

Owner/President ICAN Center for Autism and Neurodevelopment