January 09, 2024
My life changed..
January 17, 2022
Want to work in video games?
January 04, 2022
I love having my clients create a calm-down kit..
December 09, 2021
I know something will make you laugh, cry,
December 02, 2021
Can you believe that it’s already December? How did that happen?
November 24, 2021
Since the beginning of 2020, we have been living in a world
November 04, 2021
It Starts with Listening or Turn Your Listening Ears on
October 14, 2021
It's another dance party playlist!
October 06, 2021
This year had been HARD. Just plain and simple, HARD!
September 21, 2021
I’m writing it down to remind myself that it’s okay to recognize that before I know better...
September 02, 2021
In a conversation with a parent (hi, Teri!), the word "grit" came up
August 26, 2021
I’ve been thinking a lot about how kiddos grow up to be adults with jobs.....
August 19, 2021
GI problems happen to all of us, including kiddos with autism.....
August 11, 2021
As a behavior analyst (BCBA), I love data and research....
August 04, 2021
So I’m really into this YouTube channel called KidTimeStoryTime....
July 28, 2021
Here are some tips on how to respond when a child is talking about themselves negatively...
July 21, 2021
I love dance parties. They're just the best!!!!
July 04, 2021
I love to learn. There's the fun side to learning...
July 02, 2021
CORT is our name....