Inspirational Videos

Last night, Comedy Central hosted a fundraiser which generated over $4 million dollars to go towards funding therapeutic interventions for autism spectrum disorders. Starring for the event was a young woman with autism named Jodi DiPiazza, who had the chance to sing one of her favorite songs onstage with the person who originally performed the song, Katie Perry. Here is the video from the event, complete with a Jon Stewart introduction, a mini-documentary as a testament to Jodi's progress in therapy, and Jodi absolutely blowing her celebrity co-star out of the water during the performance.

Another fine YouTube video performance from an individual with autism is one courtesy of Anthony Starego, a high school senior who kicked what turned out to be the game winning field goal for his school's football team. Not to be missed is his celebration, in which he runs almost the entire length of the field before he begins the obligatory chest bump process with his teammates. Who can blame him? The crowd absolutely erupted. Just a hint more inspiring, say, than a Bengals-Steelers Sunday Night snoozefest.