Lego Movie Narrative Activity

I enjoy the Lego Star Wars video games... but not just because I am a certified nerd. The games harken back to an era in which video games weren't endlessly complicated and horrifically violent. The games also feature quick scenes between levels in which characters communicate using funny noises, gestures, and facial expressions.  There is also often a conflict which is introduced and resolved in a manner of 30 seconds to a minute.  I've used these Lego video game movie cutscenes successfully in language therapy as a means for children to practice narrative skills and answering questions.  Take this video, for example:

There are numerous ways you could utilize this video to encourage language development. You could prompt the child to retell what happened in the video. You could ask the child about the emotions of the characters, and address the causality of these emotions (e.g., "Why was Luke Skywalker surprised at the end of the video?"). These videos are nice for these types of activities because the characters have very expressive emotional responses to events, the duration of the videos are relatively short, there are basic narrative elements present, and there is no spoken dialogue or commentary so the child will have the opportunity to generate their own description of events.  And, of course, kids usually like Legos. This type of stuff is generally in their wheelhouse. Here are some additional videos (these are longer in duration, so you might want to pause at appropriate times and talk about what you watched):