October Is Physical Therapy Month

Physical therapy promotes gross motor skill development and can help children improve their strength, coordination, balance, and motor planning. Physical therapy helps children to explore their environments, engage in peer interactions and expand their recreational play skills.

It's a small department here at ICAN, but our physical therapists (PTs) make a big difference!! Carrie and Amanda are excited to spend the next few weeks sharing all the great things about their profession with the ICAN community.

Amanda and Carrie are also excited to announce ICAN’s Motor Skill Olympics in celebration of all things PT! Olympians of all ages are invited to complete challenging "events" with their families and their other therapists at LCA. Participants can earn medals and have their hard work recognized on our "Wall of Fame.">

Be on the look-out for bulletin boards and blog posts with lots of great information, stories, and family testimonials.